Consulting, Guidance and Training in Security and Visual Intelligence



 GOTRACK HLS was established in order to provide professional and inclusive solutions for security and safety systems management.

GOTRACK HLS provides its customers with comprehensive solutions which include consulting services, guidance, identifying security needs and responses, personnel training, and integration in the field of homeland security, for dealing with Terror and border breaches, as well as domestic criminal violence and the maintenance of public safety.

GOTRACK HLS wad established by Colonel (Res) ODED HALEVY, retired from the IDF after 26 years in the field of observation and combat collection.

GOTRACK HLS operates internationally.


Professional services

   GOTRACK HLS provides its customers with comprehensive solutions which include consulting services, guidance, personnel training and integration in the field of homeland security.

Our services are provided to companies in the public sector, as well as the private and industrial sectors. Our services include solutions against Terror and border breaches, domestic criminal violence and security breaches, as well as solutions for maintenance of public safety, continuous supervision of activities in company compounds, and to increase the security response and improve the control and oversight through the use of surveillance systems, sensors and control centers.

GOTRACK HLS is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Public Security to provide training to all control center administrators and personnel in the program of the safe city.


Training services

GOTRACK HLS college provides training in the field of Visual Intelligence. We offer basic and advanced training courses in surveillance and visual intelligence for all levels of security personnel.


Our training programs provide all the knowledge and qualifications necessary to operate camera systems, indicator systems such as sensors, radars and detectors, surveillance command centers and control rooms in both routine and emergency states.

Our training programs, with the skills and qualifications they provide, substantially improve the efficiency of security systems.

Our courses are based on the most advanced operation concepts and are tailored and focused to the needs of the client.

NEW - computerized training course -  our new and exciting development to train and regular-practice for camera dispatchers !!!

Consulting services

GOTRACK HLS offers its customers various consulting services. We are professionals at diagnosing existing security infrastructures, creating an ideal operation concept personally suited for the client's needs, Writing and implementing operation manuals, project overseeing and Inspection of systems and methods. 

computerized training course


GOTRACK HLS provides solution and integration services for complex projects. We offer physical solutions for camera installations, control room establishment, accompaniment, implementation and supervision of security infrastructure.

the company specialized in business analytics for shopping centers, hotels, and retail companies.


The company has a special solution for hospitals, retirement homes, and nursing homes.    

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